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A portable filtering system that provides a simple and cost-effective environmental solution for the disposal of wet trade slurry.


A portable filtering system that provides a simple and cost-effective environmental solution for the disposal of wet trade slurry.

Product features

  1. Single use biodegradable filter.
  2. Corner ‘cleats’ to hold the filter in place.
  3. Drain plugs in threaded holes, suitable for standard 20mm tap and hose fittings.
  4. Front ‘cutout’ supports most wheelbarrows, handsfree
  5. Heavy-duty recyclable polypropylene tub, designed to drain quickly.


For years you’ve been getting the job done. Now, you can get the job done right. Forget dumping your slurry waste into work site dump pits or finding secluded spots in the client’s garden. Those days are numbered. Be environmental. Be compliant. SLURRYTUB.



*For every biodegradable filter used, SLURRYTUB saves an estimated 54 LITRES of water.
SLURRYTUB being used on all home renovations and new builds for a year, would SAVE Australia 300 MILLION LITRES of water!
Estimate non inclusive of additional recycled water capabilities.

Cleaner & safer sites
Quick & easy to use
Protects gardens & drains
Happier clients
Minimise council fines
Better for the environment
How does it work

Step 1

Place the filter into the tub with the logo over the front cutout area. Secure by placing the 4 holes in the filter over the cleats in each corner of the tub.
How does it work

Step 2

Carefully empty the slurry into the tub, adjust the wheelbarrow to stand up in the front cutout, which supports most barrows hands-free.
How does it work

Step 3

Allow filtered water to drain safely in washout areas or recycle on the job. Most of the water should drain within 30-60 minutes depending on the slurry contents.
How does it work

Step 4

Dispose of the filter and dried contents into a site skip or other appropriate waste disposal method.

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From our customers


“We have 2 SLURRYTUB’s and have been using them daily for our grout water and they’ve been working great. Thanks!”

Foot Step Tiling
Sydney, NSW

“What a product! I am going to make it slurry tonight. So excited to use the SLURRYTUB, such a great idea. Love it”

SK Tiling & Stone
Byron Bay, NSW

“We like SLURRYTUB's convenience, it made the end of the job wash work cleaner and more manageable”

Eagle Master Tiling
Sydney, NSW

“We are the first major builder in Australia to work with SLURRYTUB, with more than 100 (and counting) already on sites”

Mark Glenn
Henley Homes

“…it’s been great keeping our sites clean and it has become a staple in our everyday kit”

Mark Bell Humphrey
Brick Block Stone

“Epic Invention… you guys are about to change the game of anyone working with cement!’

AP Repointing

“SLURRYTUB provided a controlled way of disposing slurry from wet trade activity. Reduced any likelihood of run off into the stormwater or surrounding finishes.”

Chris Howard
Kane Construction

"SLURRYTUB helped by giving subcontractors a definite place to wash all the tools. It is easy to relocate and effective."

George McGarry
McGarry Constructions

“SLURRYTUB makes things as easy as pie, it's the best. It keeps the site clean, pays for itself, and makes our builders and clients happy.”

Corbel Masonry
Rydalmere, NSW


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SLURRYTUB is the simple, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly way to clean your tools and equipment. The innovative SLURRYTUB system captures and filters wet trade slurry, leaving visibly clear water to drain within the designated washout areas or be recycled on the job. When dry enough, just dispose of the hardened waste, along with the biodegradable filter into the work site skip at the end of the day. Way too easy!

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