35 - 40L of wet trade waste material. This will be enough for a standard wheelbarrow washout. If you need greater capacity, suggest having another tub ready to go - our twin kits are perfect for higher volume requirements!

The cut out at the front of SLURRYTUB has been specifically tested & designed to support most commonly available wheelbarrows. Your wheelbarrow should rest ‘handsfree’ in the SLURRYTUB front cutout.

That will vary depending on the contents of the wash out material but typical drying time will be 30 mins to 60 mins.

Allow cleared water to drain into a protected wash up area or be captured and recycled on the job.

Simply empty the hardened contents AND the filter into the site skip bin or take the contents off site and dispose of safely in accordance with environmental guidelines. The paper filter is certified biodegradable.

We recommend the SLURRYTUB filter for single use only.

Yes. SLURRYTUB and the low micron rated paper filter is able to be used for these wash ups. SLURRYTUB is also ideal for use under wet brick cutting saws to catch waste water.

No. We don’t recommend it for use with paint, tile adhesive or waterproof membrane.

Carefully remove the filter from the ZIPLOCK bag, open out the filter (keeping the flap with logo to the front of the tub) and carefully place the filter holes (1 at each corner) over the ‘cleats’ on the SLURRYTUB. Make sure the filter flap is at the front and sits over the lower cutout area on tub.

Currently yes, this is our only SLURRYTUB product and is the first of its kind. If you need more capacity or coverage in multiple wash up locations, suggest getting multiple SLURRYTUBS!

We highly recommend removing any pieces of stone and aggregate from the concrete mix before washing up through SLURRYTUB. SLURRYTUB is for fine sediment only in the final wash up process.

SLURRYTUB are now shipping locally from New Zealand (via Canzac Ltd), from the UK & Canada. Please place your orders for the UK at www.btengpl.co.uk and for Canada please contact our distributor Kreitmaker (Toronto) at info@kreitmaker.com or (416) 423-9090.

For all other countries we offer international shipping, this additional cost will be calculated and applied at the checkout. Your order may be subject to import duties and taxes (including VAT), which are incurred once a shipment reaches your destination country.